About Us

Lilling & Company LLP is a boutique accounting firm focused on providing the highest level of accounting and auditing services.

Lilling was founded in 1984. The cornerstone of the practice continues to be integrity, objectivity, and independence. Lilling makes an impact on the national accounting community through its proficiency in audit, the AICPA Peer Review program, and personal and business tax services. In addition, Mark Lilling created Advantage Audit – Quality Control Material currently published by John Wiley & Sons.

Lilling has a philosophy of Mastery in all aspects of our business including quality and efficiency. We are always challenging the existing standard and looking for ways to build upon it. Lilling prides itself on being a family business that offers personal service as an alternative to larger firms. Lilling operates out of its Great Neck offices and services clients all over the United States.

For a copy of our most recent peer review report, please click here.